Eliminate Upfront Investments with 360° SOC Services

Monitor, detect and respond to a risk-lingering threat successfully. Get comprehensive, technically-powered SOC services without having to invest upfront in technology and resources.

SOC as a Service

Our SOC as a Service is a complete end-to-end solution that provides on-demand SOC capabilities with the best technology, process, and team. We use industry-leading SIEM solutions [AT&T, Azure Sentinel, ELK, etc.] while complying with regulatory requirements such as NIST, ISO 27001, to guarantee strong data sovereignty and eliminate upfront costs on technologies or resources. We also ensure you receive monthly security reports and quality service reviews to improve continuously.


Asset Discovery & Inventory

Continuous Monitoring

Threat Intelligence

File Integrity Monitoring

Intrusion Detection

Proactive Tuning

Real-Time Threat Detection


SIEM Event Correlation

SOC Managed

Vulnerability Assessment (Internal)

Log Management

Our Approach

Secucenter focuses on providing dedicated SOC services that will help you tackle even the high-alert security challenges successfully and cost-effectively.

Effective and Seamless SOC Workflow

We follow a strategic workflow to help you achieve excellence in SOC management. Our workflow aims to effectively surveil, identify and respond to security gaps and threats.


Collecting different logs from different touchpoint from customer environment and sent to SIEM


Threat data, flow data and other contextual data along with log data are ingest into SIEM for event correlation and identificaton of suspicious activity

Analysing & reporting

Analyst looks into indicators of compromise, access the alert, validate the incident based on alert metrics and escalate the incident through a ticketing system


Incident responder reviews the incident based on its classification and perform response action/suggestion


Once the ticket is closed, the whole incident will be documented for the future indecent reference by the analyst

Technologies that make SOC as a
service more formidable

What are the Benefits?

Eliminate the need for upfront investment in costly SIEM solutions.

Speedy threat detection and corrective remediation.

Trained, certified, and skilled experts.

24/7 monitoring of client data by a dedicated team of security analysts.

Technical diversity to help match your technology preferences and support with apt expertise.

Stay updated about client security status with regular, in-depth reports.

Strengthen endpoint security and improve overall security posture.

Facilitate a cost-effective process and increase revenue.

Focus on profit-boosting business activities while we take care of SOC.

Acquire Premium SOC Services with the Least Upfront Investments.