24*7 White Label
SOC Services

Secucenter acts as an extended team to MSPs, MSSPs, and IT departments and proactively monitors, detects, analyzes, and responds to any malicious security threats.

SecuCenter :

What is the role of SecuCenter

Secucenter is a white label partner that is dedicated to providing competent SOC services and expertise in a granular and cost-effective manner. We assist you round-the-clock to monitor, identify and respond to threats unfailingly backed by an adept team of experts and advanced technology innovations.

SOC - A Quick Synopsis

Secucenter’s SOC Philosophy

To protect your digital infrastructure you need to deploy a smarter technology suite that overcomes comprising situations while making the process smoother
Well-equipped and skilled analysts packed with defining technology becomes a formidable force to tackle an unprecedented threat.
We help facilitate successful SOC operations by synchronously combining a well-defined business process, technology process, operational process, and analytical process.
We follow a proactive and continuous approach to monitor multiple touchpoints, detect threats, and analyze them to suggest mitigation plans.
Creating cyber literacy culture is the best foot forward to build a security resilient culture in an organization.

The SOC has effectiveness problem

Running an efficient SOC operations comes with its challenges
owing to the evolving threat landscape.

Talent Shortage
Recruiting the right talents to the right positions can be challenging and can lead to a loss of both time and money.
Building a team for SOC and setting up the required technologies from scratch can lead to an increase in operational costs.
Support coverage
Establishing and maintaining 24/7 support coverage means a lot of administrative efforts, time consumption, and high costs.

Solutions we offer


SOC as a Service

Safeguard client data with a 24*7, end-to-end SOC service model without having to go for any upfront investment in technologies and resources. Our expertise is combined with some of the most innovative SIEM solutions to successfully overcome security threats and breaches.

we offer

SOC as Staffing

Our SOC-as-staffing model provides you with a highly skilled and certified team of SOC experts to work full-time as an extension of your in-house team. The trained resources will ensure quality support and extended support coverages under your brand terms, cutting down your operational costs by half.

Clients We  Serve

Secucenter aims to provide industry-leading
services to clients and enhance their growth
We help MSPs overcome SOC challenges and empower client data protection.
MSSPs can leverage the expertise of talented SOC resources or the efficiency of SOC services.
IT Department
We help your IT department focus on important tasks while we take care of SOC completely.

Outcomes we assure to our clients

Creating Security resilient culture
We help you in empowering your organization to be security resilient by giving proper guidance on how to respond to security risks.
Higher & Quicker event resolution rate
With smarter technology, skilled analysts, and proactive analysis at every touchpoint we deliver a highly improved resolution rate.
Building SOC maturity Road map
We help analyze your capabilities and make a feasible maturity roadmap for continuous improvement in SOC with the given resources.
Lesser Cost to achieve SOC Excellence
Power up and extend your SOC capabilities by availing skilled resources and agile services at a fraction of the local cost.


We adhere to HIPPA, ISO 27001-2013 AND GDPR Compliance.

Never compromise on security.
Settle only for the best SOC services.